02 January 2014

I saw London, I saw France...

I departed from Paris Nord train station this morning at 9:01am. I have never traveled alone through such a large city before. Clearly I gave myself more than enough time, but it’s better to be early then late. I had to take the metro from my hotel and transfer to another metro to reach my destination.  The moon was still shining and very few people were out. The sun didn’t rise until 8:45am, two hours after I woke up. Now I am on the train, heading towards Brussels, Belgium where I will be able to navigate myself through the city to reach my hostel. Only a few more days and I will be heading to catch a plane to Dublin then finally one last long flight back home to Colorado. It has been an adventure for sure.  In Brussels there is an International Festival of Ice Sculptures ‘Ice Magic’ and the sculptures are comic book characters. Four hundred and twenty tons of natural ice will be transformed creating the worlds of Tintin, Quick & Flupke, the Smurfs, Gaston Lagaffe, Asterix, Boule et Bill, Thor, Spiderman, Lucky Luke and many more. I plan on spending a few hours there. I have never seen an Ice Sculpture before. I am most excited to eat a Belgium Waffle. I hear they are amazing. Along with ice sculptures and waffles I plan on seeing the giant atom and the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule. Belgium was never in my plans to visit until I had to figure out what to do after Paris for four days so why not just go to another country before I head home! There is also a comic book path within the city where I can walk and see graffiti artists’ works of comics on the sides of buildings. I am excited to see what the murals are. Other then that, I plan on relaxing and preparing myself to go back to the States and reflect on what I have learned while being abroad. 

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  1. How Exciting! You'll get to see very large IceCubes! :-)