21 December 2013

Praha, Czech Republich

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic
Traveling to Prague from Italy is actually cheaper then trying to get to Germany. It's amazing how cheap flying is here in Europe compared to trains. I didn't know how long I would actually be staying in Prague. We bought a one way ticket in hopes of eventually finding a train to Nuremburg, Germany about 40 minutes north of Ansbach, Germany where I will be spending Christmas. Prague was something else. I had never thought of going there before I started looking at ways to get to Germany the cheapest.When we landed at the airport the air was foggy and it was the coldest I had been since January of last year. I was excited. Something that I have been doing since we arrived in Europe is collecting the different currency's. I now have British Pounds, Euros, and Korunas. We took a
bus to the metro, then the metro into the city where we were staying at the Mosaic House Hostel. I did not miss dragging my suitcase around cities trying to find out where I am staying. If I could give advice, less is more when studying abroad. I wish I could just leave half of what I brought because over time I have collected memoirs from each country I have visited. Erika and I ventured off into the city while Kayla and Bryan watched our luggage. It's awful when check-in isn't until 15:00 and you arrive at 12:00. We walked aimlessly into the city, trying to find places not a lot of people have been. We ended up having lunch at Restaurant "U Sevce Matouse". It was a traditional Czech restaurant where I ate sausage and sauerkraut. I think my favorite part about the city is that I felt like I was apart of history. Gothic cathedrals and statues everywhere set the scene for medieval times. The Christmas markets were for miles and the food smelled delicious. The astronomical clock was beautiful. I had never seen such an elaborate clock.
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic
While my time was short in Prague, I appreciated every moment of it. I met a few new friend around the would and I want to go back again someday. My trip is winding down and I only have three more countries to visit.   

If you want to see more photos from Prague, Czech Republic please click the link Hannah Swick Photography- Prague

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  1. The Colors of the St. Vitus Cathedral Stained Glass Windows! Amazing.